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Luis Cholotio National Tour Guide

Guiding License: 1144

Luis CarnetLuis

Luis Benjamin Cholotio Cholotio was the founder of Adventure Atitlan Tours since 2008, he was born and raised in a town that is located south east of Lake Atitlan, specifically in San Juan Laguna, Luis was a descendant of the Tzutujil Maya.

Biography of Luis

After finishing high school in 2000 he did not have the opportunity to go to university, so he had to work as a day laborer in his community. He worked for more than six years.

Luis started learning English from scratch in 2006 with Elizabeth Millet, a Peace Corp volunteer who stayed in his  town at that time. In 2008 He  was able to have a conversation in English, so he started touring at Lake Atitlan since then. After a couple of years he wanted to tour in other areas of Guatemala, so he went to a tourism school in Guatemala City to get his license as a national tourist guide.

Luis was married with Melchora Cholotio de Cholotio to form his own family, his happiness was very evident, but unfortunately it was a short time. Luis had a tragic accident where he died, he and his older brother died for the impact of the accident and that was very hard for his family and mainly his wife.

The death of Luis has been very difficult, but also has generated a great challenge for Melchora, now she is learning English and has started to guide in Spanish and in the future she will be guiding in English with the help of Salvador,  we are managing to continue with The tourism. Salvador is a national tourist guide as well as Luis. Salvador Coquix Lacan is also of Tzutujil Mayan origin, was born and grew up in Santiago Atitlan, it is also a town located in the south west of Lake Atitlan, He started working in tourism in 2010.

Salvador was classmate with Luis. When we studied the career of professional tourist guide, both studied together in the city of Guatemala, since 2012 we had a great friendship, we had many trips, we had nice experiences and Luis always helped me.

Now Melchora and Salvador work with Adventure Atitlan Tours. As mentioned before, Melchora is now the widow of Luis who has decided to work and resume Luis’s job, for the moment the tours we offer are in Spanish and English that will be guided by Melchora Cholotio and Salvador Coquix. Melchora will be taking tours in Spanish, Salvador will attend the tours in English. Luis’ family will always receive a benefit in all the tours we are going to have.

Give us the opportunity to customize your tour in our country. Also in that way you will be helping us. I really want to meet you!