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Luis Cholotio National Tour Guide

Guiding License: 1144

Luis CarnetLuis

Hello everyone my name is Luis Benjamin Cholotio. I am a Tzutujil Mayan descendant born and raised in San Juan La Laguna on Lago Atitlan. After finishing High School in 2000 I did not have the opportunity to go to University so I had to work as a day laborer in my community. I did laboring for more than six years.

I started learning English from scratch in 2,006 with Elizabeth Millet a Peace Corp Volunteer who stayed in my village back that time. In 2008 I was able to hold a conversation in English so I started doing tours at Lake Atitlan since then. After a couple years I wanted to do tours in other areas of Guatemala so I went to a Tourism School in Guatemala City in order to get my License as a National Tour Guide. I am now leading tours all over my country, Guatemala.

I enjoy doing tours and meeting people from different countries. Give me the chance to customize your tour in my country. I am looking forward to meeting you!